• Three teens rescued after boat capsizes in the ocean

    Three teens rescued after boat capsizes in the ocean

    The Florida Keys can be a boaters’ paradise, but sometimes outings go awry.

    Such was the case for three teens from Orange County, California who rented a boat and and set out into the waters off Little Torch Key.

    Their anchored boat began to take water, and, by the time they were able to cut loose from the grounding weight, the levels inside the vessel were beyond what it could handle.

    It capsized, leaving the trio adrift on the small portion that had not yet become immersed.

    Luckily, they had access to a working cell phone and were able to place a call for help.

    An investigator from Fish and Wildlife and a deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office swiftly responded.

    After a bit of searching, they located the boys in distress, pulled them safely onboard, and shuttled them to shore.

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  • Trump to write 'short' inaugural address himself

    Trump to write 'short' inaugural address himself

    President-elect Donald Trump has gotten involved in penning his inaugural address, planning to craft a speech himself that he will keep short so supporters traveling to Washington for the ceremony won’t have to stand out in the cold.

    “He wants to write the inaugural himself,” presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, who met with Trump on Wednesday to discuss the speech, told CNN.

    “He doesn’t want it to be long,” Brinkley said on CNN. “He would like it to be a shorter one. He doesn’t want people standing out in the cold.”

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    Trump writing the speech largely on his own would be a shift from the way the presidential transition team described the process earlier this week, when it announced Stephen Miller, who wrote some of Trump’s major campaign addresses, would shoulder the bulk of the work.

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  • Quake hits eastern Indonesia, no reports of damage

    Quake hits eastern Indonesia, no reports of damage

    JAKARTA/SYDNEY, Dec 30 (Reuters) – An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck on Friday off the island of Sumbawa in eastern Indonesia, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. There was no tsunami warning issued.

    The undersea quake was felt strongly in the area and some surrounding islands including the resort of Bali, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, said Indonesia’s national disaster management agency spokesman Sutopo.

    The epicenter of the quake, initially measured as a magnitude 6.4, was 71 km (44 miles) south of Raba city and at a depth of 72 km (44 miles) below the seabed, the USGS said.

    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) did not issue a tsunami warning. (Reporting by Tom Westbrook in Sydney and Bernadette Christina Munthe in Jakarta; Editing by Sandra Maler and Michael Perry)

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