• The super-secret language of incredibly cheap travel deals


    Some people are so passionate about scoring travel deals that they basically take on a second job to keep up with the underground world where you can book flights for dirt-cheap. These deal hunters scour message boards that contain a secret lingo so airlines don’t catch on to book mistake fares and find loopholes that can get you really cheap seats.

    • C1 = North America
    • C2 = Europe
    • C4a = including Colombia and Peru
    • C4b = including Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay
    • MapleSyrup = Air Canada
    • Patriot = American Airlines
    • Squeeze = Adding flights before and after the main itinerary to get the tickets for cheap
    • Trim the Fuel Surcharge = Booking a third flight after a round-trip that trims the fuel charge that’s added onto ticket prices
    • Virgin strike = nothing needs to be added to get the good deal

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