• From free drinks to $3,000 in travel credits, here’s how to get compensated for flight issues


    Chronic overbooking and other controversies may have rocked the airline industry this year, but that doesn’t mean that flight attendants or desk agents deserve to bear the brunt of your travel frustrations.

    Before your flight

    Look at the weather

    Plan ahead for big life events

    Use Twitter

    Know the limitations

    Dress nicely

    During your flight

    Bring a small token of appreciation for the flight attendants

    Take off your headphones

    If you want extra snacks or drinks, there’s a right way to ask

    After your flight

    Accepting travel credit vouchers means you can’t claim compensation later

    “8 million people around the world are eligible for compensation, less than 2% will ever claim the money they’re entitled to” – Scott Ginsberg, AirHelp

    If your bag is damaged, keep your boarding pass and checked luggage receipt

    Don’t throw away receipts to replace lost clothing or items

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