• Chipotle shuts down restaurant after customers get severely ill


    Chipotle has shut down a restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, after multiple reports of customers getting sick after eating there.


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    • Friday 7/14: Daughter and friends went to Chipotle Saturday 7/15: stomach pains and nausea started in morning Saturday 7/15: violently sick, puking, diarrhea, severe pain, overnight into Sunday. Friends ill as well with one friend also in ER. Sunday 7/16: Hospital visit for dehydration, nausea, pain Monday 7/17: severe pain, trauma pain This is the worst that I have ever seen. Severe food borne illnesses can cause long-term damage to the gastro-intestinal track. This was BAD!
    • I ate a chicken bowl at 6ish and the rest at 11 pm Friday and then woke up Sunday morning with diahrrea and was nauseous
    • Wife and I ate chicken bowls Friday night. Puking brains out Saturday night and Sunday.
    • Ate salad bowl on Friday at 1230pm, became ill at 3pm on Saturday. Three up multiple times, had fever, dizziness, etc. Salad bowl with chicken, Pico, beans, medium salsa, corn
    • My husband and I both had chicken around 7:00 on …read more  

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