• Nicole Kidman: 'Big Little Lies' left me feeling 'exposed, vulnerable and deeply humiliated'


    Nicole Kidman didn’t want to take her work home with her after playing Celeste on the HBO hit Big Little Lies. The 50-year-old actress opened up about portraying the victim of domestic abuse, including the incredibly graphic and violent sex scenes between herself and co-star Alexander Skarsgard, who played her abusive husband, Perry.

    “There wasn’t really any rehearsal,” she told W magazine in its new issue. “It was more on the day we would go in and do it. Alex was so in it, and I was so in it, and there was — talking about trust — an enormous amount of trust there, yet at times it felt dangerous and really upsetting, and I would go home afterwards and I would feel — I would keep on a very brave face at work and then I would go home and I didn’t realize how much it had penetrated me. And it affected me in a deep way.”

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    Kidman acted out all of the scenes herself, which left …read more  

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