• $29 Airbnb listing goes viral for its brutal honesty

    $29 Airbnb listing goes viral for its brutal honesty

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – “Home is where the hood is.” That’s how a vacation rental is being advertised online, and it’s getting a lot of attention. The lister is hoping to change people’s perspective with the home.

    We’ve heard before, St. Louis city is one of the worst for violent crimes in the country. Many people try to avoid north St. Louis because much of the crime happens there. One woman says not all is bad in north St. Louis.

    Natalie Vowell is trying to change how people view north St. Louis. She says the best way to do that is with one of her properties that she listed on AirBnB. It stands near Natural Bridge and north Newstead avenues.

    Vowell is a north St. Louis resident herself. She describes it as:

    Perfect for the intrepid traveler who enjoys living on the edge. Provides a unique glimpse into life in a working-class, low-income neighborhood, a mismanaged Midwest city, and decades of urban decay. Abundance of vacant houses and abandoned buildings nearby for UrbanEx adventurers.

    She hopes when people stay there that they won’t be afraid of north St. Louis anymore.

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