• Dead Virginians re-registered to vote

    Dead Virginians re-registered to vote

    Authorities have launched an investigation, following reports that at least 19 deceased Virginians have recently been re-registered to vote.

    It’s the latest odd news in a presidential race with plenty of bizarre moments.

    Virginia is a critical swing state and every vote counts, which is why politicians were shocked when they heard this news.

    See photos from the Virginia primary:

    A man who had fought in World War II and died in 2014 was sent a letter, congratulating him on re-registering to vote.

    He was among 19 dead Virginians who received this letter, all of whom were initially registered as voters in the Shenandoah Valley city of Harrisonburg.

    The forms had been submitted by a private group was working to register voters at James Madison University, according to the Harrisonburg registrar’s office.

    The group was not identified and right now, and while no charges have been filed, the FBI and local police are investigating.

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  • This 60-year-old woman has just given birth to twins

    This 60-year-old woman has just given birth to twins

    Despite her age, a 60 year-old woman has given birth to two healthy boys. Her story is showing women everywhere the power of medicine and what a healthy body can do.

    Claudette Cook became pregnant earlier this year with the help of IVF. Doctors warned her of the possible risks of such a late pregnancy, but Cook remained confident.

    She attributed her successful pregnancy to her good health and relationship with god. “Age is but a number with God,” she said.

    Twins Isaac and Isaiah were born a bit prematurely, but will be heading home soon.

    Claudette sure did prove those doctors wrong!

    Scroll through to see another unusual pregnancy:

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  • Miss 2059 star Anna Akana reveals her favorite moment on set

    Miss 2059 star Anna Akana reveals her favorite moment on set

    Social star Anna Akana is taking her powers to new heights in the new film Miss 2059.

    Akana plays pageant queen Victoria who is jealous of her sister Arden, who is a world famous military hero. But when Victoria is beamed up to space instead of her sister, she must represent her home planet Earth.

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    We had the chance to sit down with actress, filmmaker and social media influencer Anna Akana to hear more about her work on Miss 2059. Read the interview below!

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    What was it like developing your character for Miss 2059?

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