• Add a Dash of Style and Curb Appeal With Just a Little Cash

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    By Abby Hayes

    Looking to sell your home? Or maybe you just want to feel proud of the place as you swing into the driveway each evening?

    Either way, you can add some serious curb appeal without making a huge financial investment. For less than $50, you can make your home more attractive with these eight DIY projects.

    1. Paint the front door.

    If your front door is a boring gray or brown — or blends into the facade of your home — it’s time to glam it up. Bright blue and red are both great options for a front door. Keep it classy, but choose a color that will coordinate with — and still stand out against — your home’s facade.

    Cost: $25 for a gallon of paint, plus a few hours of your time.

    2. Upgrade your house numbers.

    House numbers are a practical necessity, but they can also be a statement. You can pick up large metal house numbers for around $5 each. Or you can buy wooden numbers from a craft store …read more  

  • 3 Strategies for a Quick Home Sale

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    By Brendon DeSimone

    Most sellers have a specific goal when it comes to their transaction: a quick sale and top dollar. But sometimes fast action doesn’t align with achieving the highest and best value.

    There are multiple schools of thought on this subject and the perspective varies not only with where you are in the country, but also by price point, neighborhood and even down to the block. When it comes to pricing and the search for a quick sale, it’s always best to get help from a local agent.

    Here are some strategies you can use to get offers fast.

    1. The Theory of Under-Pricing

    Under-pricing means that you go to market with a list price that is just below what the comparable sales in your area support.

    You can’t pinpoint the exact market value of a home until it sells. But before you list, there’s always a range. If you price your house at or below the bottom of the value range, you are under-pricing the home.

    In many …read more  

  • House Hunting for Two: How to Find Your Happy Home

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    By Vanessa Nix Anthony

    While it can be tough enough to find just the right spot to rest your head at night on your own, it can be even more difficult when searching with a partner. Choosing where you’ll live, whether you’re renting or buying a home, is one of the most important and personal decisions you’ll ever make.

    It’s the definition of complicated: the extra weight of the long-term commitment that sharing a living space brings. That means good communication is key.

    “Moving in together is a huge commitment, perhaps more than a marriage itself, because it’s a substantial financial commitment to each other,” author and counselor Kerry Cohen says. “Any issues each person has around commitment, both in general and with each other, are surely going to come up.”

    She advises couples to be prepared when looking for a place together.

    “There will likely be arguing or maybe even hurt feelings,” Cohen says. “A lot of who a person is comes to the surface when buying a house — how detail …read more