• How One Woman Created a Zero-Waste Home


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    By Lisa M. Gerry

    Five years ago, Bea Johnson and her husband and two sons (all pictured above) were looking for a home closer to the restaurants, shops and school in their coastal California town. During the year they spent house hunting, the family of four moved into a small apartment, took only the possessions that were absolutely necessary and left the rest in storage. “After living with just the necessities, we realized that we had much more time to spend with our family when we weren’t spending it caring for a large house and lots of belongings,” says Johnson.

    Then, when they did decide on a house, they chose one that was half the size of their previous home and simplified by selling most of their old stuff. Around that time, Johnson and her husband began investigating environmental issues. “We read books, watched documentaries, and what we learned worried us and made us sad for our kids’ futures,” she says. “So we decided to do something about it. My husband quit his job to start a sustainability consulting company, and I …read more