• Spring Home Makeover Don'ts: HGTV's Sabrina Soto On Big Mistakes


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    Springtime is upon us, and you know what that means. Well, yeah, all that spring cleaning, but now’s a great time to do something else with your home: give it a makeover. You may be considering repainting your home, buying new furniture or even going all the way with a remodel. You may also think you know what you’re doing — when you actually don’t. In the video clip above, HGTV design expert Sabrina Soto dispels some common myths about home makeovers and explains what NOT to do when redesigning your home.

    Here’s what you definitely can do, though, that doesn’t take a lot of time (or money): update your home accents by switching out your drawer and door hardware, spot-paint boo-boos and scratches on bed frames and walls, and use decorative paper to cover the switch plates on electrical outlets that complement your decor scheme. These are just a few quick and easy home makeovers you can do in a flash and on the cheap.<br …read more